I asked for this


Just need to erase


Solo For Duet

by Eve Egoyan.

A recital

A spectacle

A reinvention

I love the piano.

But I don't want to play by its rules.

Solo for Duet is the most extreme programme of music I’ve ever performed.

It challenges

the way we see and hear.

the idea of pianist and piano.


But I can't do this alone. It's a collaborative effort.

The piano is an emotional place.

A landscape.

A place of stability.

I am writing a Duet for a ghost piano and a real piano.

I want to make this ghost piano do things that I wish a piano could do.

So I changed the rules...

... without realizing how destabilizing this would be.

I practice alone for so much of my time.

Then I have to walk on stage.

That’s hard.

I remember being a kid winning some competition, and literally being shoved onto a huge stage.

There were just all these lights and I have no memory of what I did.

After all the practice, the rehearsals, I need to let go.

I have to embrace the work for what it is. Let it have that moment. Let it be performed.

I meet myself within the sound and we are a Duet.

To dissolve

To create a new skin

It's weird

I love the piano but I create my own rules.

Eve Egoyan’s insatiable curiosity compels her to continually re-invent the piano and to create, curate and commission new works by like-spirited artists and composers who dare to join her adventures.

Solo for Duet premiered in Toronto, Canada at the 2018 Luminato Festival and is now touring internationally.

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Solo for Duet Conceived and Performed by Eve Egoyan

Joanna McIntyre
Director and Dramaturge
Cheryl Lalonde
Set and Costume Designer
Philip Strong
Technical Producer
Simon Rossiter
Lighting Designer
Noah Feaver
Assistant Lighting Designer
Katherine Duncanson
Vocal Coach
Jennifer Lee, Kennedy Brooks
Stage Managers
Adina Herling
Alanna McConnell
Production Manager
Barbara Scales, Latitude 45 Arts


Su Rynard, Alex Wittholz
Interactive Directors
Heather Grieve
Interactive Producer
Dan Sundy
Lead Developer
Jen Saxena
Felix M. Wittholz, Jamie Bennett
Helios Design Labs
Interactive Studio


Su Rynard
John Price
Caroline Christie, CCE
Phil Strong
Sound Design and Mix
Mike Filippov, Jason Milligan, Ryan Cox
Location Audio
Peter Lynch
Additional Directing (Luminato)
Micheal Hofman
Camera Assistant
Sylvain Chaussée
Grip & Gaffer
Monica Gutierrez
Production Assistant
Phillip Hawkes
Assistant Editor
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Thought and Desire
Composer: Linda Catlin Smith
Homonymy (for auto-playing piano, pianist and cinema)
Composer/author/animator: John Oswald. Published by PITCH
David Lynch Études
Composer, film manipulation and footage: Nicole Lizée
Surface Tension
Creators: Eve Egoyan and David Rokeby
EVƎ (solo piano for Eve Egoyan)
Composer: Michael Snow
DUET for Solo Piano
Composer: Eve Egoyan

This experience is best enjoyed with headphones.